On-site change management

Late change in production results in rework, increased cost of labor, material and equipment. Change also cause delays and quality issues. There is a risk of customer dissatisfaction and changes are a major source of contract disputes. uniZite makes it easy to create change request and document the change early in the field. Less disputes and valuable input to an integrated change management process is the result.  uniZite can support a complete  change order process including basis for invoicing as well as initiating change in upstream DMS and BIM coordination processes. 

Change order process from request to basis for invoice

The customer order the change in uniZite - full track and trace

View the change order pipe by state and analyse the margins!

Change order process

 Upstream late changes from design are the most costly ones – but changes in production can also sum up to substansial numbers.  uniZite support the change order process in production. The process comprice: request, approval, customer order, planning and finally  generation of basis for invoicing. 

Change often starts as an RFI or an issue.

The issue/RFI can be converted to a change request with “one click” in uniZite. Another source of change identification can be the quality control checklist issue.

Plan change orders in uniZite

Location based production planning  of work orders, quality checklists and change orders, makes it possible to analyze work order, quality and change data to understand the big picture.  Effects of change becomes visibe and can be minimized.

Notification of change - helps teams collaborate

Notify teams of approved change orders  in uniZite!

Integrate for efficiency and post change analysis

An efficient field change management process is integrated to DMS/ BIM and ERP.  It starts with field identification, addition of materials and work hours , approval and finally invoicing,  in a seamless integrated process. Integration reduce administration and errors and make analysis possible  for continuous improvement. Connect all changes to location and asset for powerful analysis and insights.