Field planning, progress tracking and reporting

A field “easy to use” and mobile planning tool can significantly increase the productivity of the project by closing the gap between filed, office and teams.

Plan with full control of progress and obstacles.

Optimize the plan per location and trade  and reduce lead- and waiting times.

Mobile filed progress- and obstacle reporting.

Plan work order sequence per trade and location
reduce non-productive time!

The reason for non- productive time,  like waiting for a previous task to finish, waiting and searching for materials and waiting for resources like a crane or machine to be available,  is often lack of real time field planning and co-ordination. 

uniZite offer an easy to use mobile field planner  and an integrated  tool to report and resolve obstacles,  in a systematic way.  If there is an obstacle preventing progress – its reported and assigned from the field – notification alerts and the issue can be resolved ASAP! 

Connect with all teams in real time with uniZite mobile tasks and obstacle management

Its not jus a question of planning. Teams in the field, the office and the filed office needs a platform for real time collaboration optimizing the plan and resolving any issues in co operation. The mobile phone  is the tool for this !

Track progress and take proactive action!

 “Pull” plan duedates and set deadlines on all issues. This way the system can help  to keep track of “my” work and issues as well as the total progress of the project. Smart action boxes collects what I have to focus on now – without drowning in information.

Do not spend your time preparing progress reports!

Field reporting will always be around and can not be replaced by real time notifications  – but the reports can be distributed and generated totally automatic. Daily and weekly progress- and issue reports  are examples of automatic uniZite reports.