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Privacy statement

Your privacy is important to uniZite. This Privacy Statement explains how your information is collected, stored, used, disclosed, and transferred, when using our web-service or apps available through AppStore or Google Play. 

uniZite delivers software and cloud services to customers in Europe. uniZite’s head office is located in Lysaker, Norway, and is subject to European privacy legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Personal Information

Personal Information is data that can be used to uniquely identify or contact a single person such as an email address or a phone number. uniZite may use Personal Information consistent with this Privacy statement. Please do not use our uniZite software cloud solutions or apps if you do not agree with how we process personal data according to this Privacy statement. 

During the registration/sign-up process, you provide us with personally identifiable information such as name, email address and phone number. This information is used primarily to identify you in our service, and the email address is necessary for the login process.  

Whose Personal Information is processed by uniZite?

Any registered user will be processed with Personal Information. 

Additionally, users that are not registered in our system can still be given access to a specific database object by providing this user a link with direct access to this object. The user will be requested to Sign with any identifying information (email or name) in order to be able to change information to that database object. This Personal Information is registered only with the database object and will be removed if the database object is deleted.

How is Personal Information registered and Why is it registered?

You can register to an Individual User Account based on your e-mail address. During the purchase of a product or service or apply for commercial credit you may be asked to supply additional information including name, mailing address, phone number, contact preferences, and credit card information. This is necessary in order for you to access your data in the system and for uniZite to invoice you.

The Corporate Account is managed by account manager(s), these are registered users that have access to all personal identifiable information (except password) for users registered in the Corporate Account. Account managers are responsible for registering you into their Corporate Account. This is necessary in order for you to be able to participate in any project (Workspace) managed within the Corporate Account. 

You may be invited to participate in a Corporate Account other that the one where you are originally registered. This invitation is done based on an email address that you have to provide explicitly to the account manager of this other Corporate Account, and is necessary for you in order to be able to participate in any project (Workspace) managed within this other Corporate Account. In this process you will implicitly also provide your name and telephone number.

Who can access your Personal Information and Why?

Your Personal information can be access by:

  1. Any account manager of the Corporate Accounts in which you have been registered or invited into. This is necessary in order to be able to remove you from being able to use the system in the Corporate Accounts to which you have been invited into, or any system resources in case of being disabled from the Corporate Account in which you have where originally registered into.
  2. Any workspace administrator in the Workspaces in which you participate. This is necessary in order for the workspace administrator to invite you or stop you from participating in the workspace.
  3. Any other user having access to a report in which there is a database object that you have created or made changes to. This is necessary so that users can identify and collaborate with you. 
  4. uniZite representatives having access to the Corporate Accounts in which you are registered into or participate in. This is used for the following purposes: product and service provision and improvement, identification and authentication, enforce uniZite’s licensing terms, billing, contact, research. uniZite reserves the right to use the registered information for CRM, sales and marketing activities unless the user has chosen to opt-out of receiving such mailings.

For each request to our web pages or when you use a mobile device to access our system we automatically recognise your IP address, domain and Web browser, or uniZite app version. This information is used to help diagnose possible problems with our server farm, apps and/or Internet connection. We do not sell or market this information to any third party. We do however, on occasion, aggregate this information internally and analyse it to help improve the performance of our service.

How do we use your Personal Information

We do not sell or market your Personal Information to any third party. 

Collection and use of Non-Personal Information

uniZite may also collect Non-Personal Information data in a form that does not permit direct association with any specific individual. Non-Personal Information includes country, information about your app version, mobile device, web-browser, and feature usage.

uniZite may disclose Non-Personal Information for any purpose. 


We use cookies to record current session information, but do not use permanent cookies. When accessing our services through a web browser you are required to re-login to your uniZite account after a certain period of time has elapsed to protect you against others accidentally accessing your account contents. Please note that our service requires the use of cookies for the login procedure, so you cannot use the service if you set your browser to reject cookies.

When using our Apps you will be logged in until you explicitly logout. If you share the mobile device / tablet / iPad with others, please use the App to logout before handing over the device to others.


We exercise great care to see to that any information you enter or upload to your account is handled in a secure manner. All communication between your mobile device and/or computer and our servers is encrypted using SSL encryption technology.

All employees at uniZite are under nondisclosure agreement to ensure that Personal Information is secure. 

Your password should be kept by you personally, and can not be decoded by the account manager nor anybody at uniZite. If you forget your personal password, the only way for you to login to our server farm is by requesting a new password by pressing “Forgot my password” in the login page or by asking your account manager to reset the password such that you can login and establish a new personal password. 

Modify Personal Information

It is easy to keep your personal information accurate, complete, and up to date. This can be done by you or by the account manager of the Corporate Account where you are registered.


Users with Individual Accounts (as long as they have not been invited participate into another Corporate Account) can remove their Personal Information from our database, request to not receive future communications or to no longer receive our service by logging deactivating all projects as well as cancelling the account. There may be a deactivation period of maximum 72 Hours before the Personal Information is completely our of our systems. This is to allow you to request uniZite to reactivate your account in case that you accidentally still needed to access your account.

Users with Corporate Accounts can request to not receive future communications or to no longer receive our service by logging into the service by contacting their account manager. The account manager can scramble your email, phone number, and your name and deactivate you so that you no longer can participate and use the services. However, all the database objects that you added or changed while actively using uniZite services will maintain your email as a reference. 

Your Personal Information will finally be removed from the system when all database objects that you have interacted with and their respective projects are deleted from the system by the Workspace administrators.

Privacy-relevant permissions requested by uniZite Apps

Permissions that are associated with accessing camera or capturing images/video from the device, GPS coordinates or any other sensitive information is handled by the device.

Changes in this policy

uniZite reserves the right to modify or amend this Privacy Statement at any time and for any reason. We encourage users to regularly review the Statement. In case there are significant changes in the Privacy Statement we will also notify you through newsletters or by other means prior to the changes taking effect.

uniZite 2018.05.13