Project managers logbook

Project managers keep a logbook about project status and issues to be assigned and resolved. The logbook is a tool in the daily work but it is also a valuable reference in any future discussions about the project.  The uniZite logbook is an integrated part of the field app and it is more than just daily notes and pictures – it’s a collaboration tool that follow up on all issues! 

Enter your daily notes, pictures and follow-up parameter values

Create issues by location and system and assign to follow up

Report and analyse per phase, dicipline, location and system

Checklists per project phase support the project manager

The uniZite project manager logbook has a checklist with sections for each project phase that can be expanded into details. Even the most experienced appreciate a reminder before making the daily notes. If there is an issue to follow up, it can be connected to the checkpoints and or to the drawing and BIM object/system. 

Create issues and obstacles and
follow up!

Issues can be assigned to one self or to any project member or team. The recipient does not have to be a uniZite user – the uniZite platform can mail the issue with a link to detailed issue information. if the issue is assigned to a uniZite user it simply appears in the recipient “the new issue inbox”.

 Smooth digital collaboration by uniZite!

uniZite alerts and notifies

All logbook issues are organized in inbox lists by status and sorted by deadline. Before deadline uniZite notifies  all issue owners.

If an issue becomes a change or a change order – the issue information is transferred by “one click” to a new change order for processing.

Automatic logbook reports

As all uniZite reports the logbook report and project manager issue report, can be customized in any way.  Reports can be auto generated and distributed according to a configurable distribution list.